The Brush Off

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  1. I went in for an editing test a newspaper, which they require before you can interview. That was 3 weeks ago. When the guy walked me out after the test, he said he’d call. I called him about a week later and he seemed irritated and again said he’d call. Called him again yesterday and he said they were still working on filling that position and he hadn’t forgotten about me. I guess it’s a good thing he didn’t eliminate me solely based on my editing test (which I thought I aced), but perhaps he has and that’s why I’m getting the cold shoulder. Why can’t employers just be honest. I’ve had this experience so many times, and it’s really so much cleaner for them to just say I’m not what they’re looking for. I think it’s because they don’t like to deliver bad news, and it’s easier for them just to be incredibly rude via brush-off than coming out and saying you’re not really in the running anymore.

  2. Been there. Done that. I went to my first interview, all went well. They called me back for a second interview, from where I stood, things looked very promising. We will call you by Friday!!!!! No call. I waited until the following Tuesday and placed the call. Voicemail!! What a surprise. I left a message leaving my phone numbers. Waited two more days. Nothing. Called again. Voicemail!!! I was astonished!!! Left another message with appropriate details and information. NOTHING!!!! At last, I gave up. But I did send a Thank you letter. I wonder if they received it?? Job Hunting is very difficult, tiresome and frustrating. We now live in a society where common courteousy does not exist. Fortunatly, that is a quality I will never surrender.

  3. Having done tons of interviewing and hiring, I can think of one good reason why this sort of thing happens.. because they want to keep their options open. Because they like the other parts about you, and are thinking something like.. “hey, if we don’t find someone else who has *all* the right qualifications, let’s call this woman back.. she’s got everything else, and we really like her personality.”

    I’ve done just that, and hired the person who wasn’t quite qualified enough. And most of the time, it works out.

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