2 thoughts on “MEDIC!”

  1. I felt sick to my stomach after watching Bertuzzi kick the crap out of Moore. What the hell was up with that?! I know I want to burn my husband’s jersey….

  2. I know! This was an unbelievably sucky game.

    Despite showing some life in the second period, the Canucks were acting stupid, taking stupid penalties and just generally trying to hit hard and intimidate the other players (especially Aebischer…which is just totally unclassy to try to intimidate the goaltender).

    And then the B.S. with Bertuzzi and Moore…unbelievable. Just when the Canucks are trying to dig themselves out of this hole they’ve dug themselves since the all-star break and Bertuzzi does something stupid like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a multiple-game suspension.

    At this point, I’d be saying “there’s always next year”; however, the way things are going, it looks like there won’t be a next year.

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