Merry Christmas

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Love this story! Does Martin Bell mind that you posted the whole thing, uncut? How about the publisher? Did you need to request permission? Or do you figure that if it is in print, it means it is public domain? just want to know becaue I know of a lot of neat stories I would love to put out there for the public, without them having to buy the book or to pay a publisher to get permission to post it. thanks, Tom Leutner

  2. No fair! I was not at all expecting the bunny to die, and I nearly cried. It was a good story though. I think I’m one of those odd people who likes stories and movies and books that make me cry. And commercials.

  3. Geez! Why would you do that to us, Ms. Peechieness? Oh, the horror… the humanity… er… the animality! Why… why did the kind-hearted little bunny have to die, and un-recognized. My heart is broken forever. Love you!

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