9 thoughts on “I need a vacation”

  1. Hmm… let me just say this — if you travel on your own and plan properly, you will NEVER be more than 10 minutes from a sanitary bathroom, even if you have to break down and go into the local McDonald’s. Go talk to Artos – I know he’d love to help you. He’s been all over Europe, both in hostels (with the guys) and in hotels & little apartmentos (with me).

    The rumors of gross toilets in Europe have been grossly exaggerated.

  2. I agree with Sue about doing it on the cheep. You would get a WHOLE lot more out of it than doing it on a tour. The tours are for rich people who want to ‘see’ europe but not experiance it.
    With a tour you would be with a group of Canucks the whole time. It’s not at all the same.
    If you need structure and you really want to do a tour there you can go to Europe on your own after working out the last detail from home, and then when you are there you can find a tour.
    It would be cheeper that way AND there would be people on the tour who are from all over the world, not just canucks.

    Sorry, I just think going to the other side of the world is an adventure and it’s almost wasted if you let someone else do all the work.

    But then again, that’s just me. I enjoy adventure.

  3. As well, those structured tours leave nearly no free time of your own to explore or stay in a location any longer than the prescribed 1/2hr. They can be good, but I’d agree with Sue. You could create your own tour and have a much better time.

    Although, sex with a bunch of 18-35’s wouldn’t be such a bad thing I suppose?

  4. Two things – 1 – Sue’s right. Buses in Europe *do* suck ass. And that’s suck ass in a very, very bad way. Trains are the way to go. I lived in Germany for seven years. I can say this with conviction. 🙂

    2 – As much as I wanted to come to your party, it would seem that Donna has to work tomorrow, so I can’t be up there this evening. 🙁 I was so looking forward to meeting you, too.

  5. The thing about this trip, is that it’s structured (which I kindof need) and that I’ll never be very far from a sanitary bathroom. This was the big selling point for me and my roommate, who both suffer from IBS. Although depending on my finances and how badly the travel bug bites me, I might go visit Artos afterall for a wee domestic jaunt.

  6. you can have a way, way better time (and do it for cheaper) if you just book your own flights through Artos at Flight Centre in Brentwood Mall, get a Lonely Planet guidebook, and go adventuring. Then you don’t have to sit on buses. Trust me… buses in Europe SUCK ASS. Trains are waaay better.

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