Technology… huh.

So I went to this thing yesterday called “Careers in Communication” where I got to learn that I’d probably be better off becoming a professional student than trying to get a job with my degree. The upside was that I did win a door prize. A CD – Massive 2004. Not something I’d ever buy for myself – but free is good.

So I get it home, and start unwrapping it, and notice on the label that it says “Piracy Protected Software.” Curious, but not alarming. I put it in the CD Drive, where it proceeds to go “tick tick tick” and not work at all (It doesn’t do this with any other cd’s). So I put it in the CD-RW drive, and a window pops up saying it needs to install extra software to run this disk. Turns out it comes with its own player, and won’t work with anything else. That’s kindof a bitch, because I can’t mingle it in with the rest of my playlist.

But I wonder (since I don’t bother ripping cds) if that means I can’t rip it if I wanted to? Has anyone else encountered this, and is it the future for CDs?

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2 thoughts on “Technology… huh.

  1. J2

    As for that being the furture of CD’s… yeah, it seems to be heading that way. And unless the recording companies get their heads outa their asses….

    One of my favorite recording industry SNAFU’s that I know is the fact that sony music brought out a cd that dosen’t work on sony cd players. *sigh*

  2. clanrat

    I think this is the one where you have to use a black marker around the outside edge of the disc to defeat the anti piracy crapola

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