A clash of cultures: Kid-friendly vs. Kid-centric

4 thoughts on “A clash of cultures: Kid-friendly vs. Kid-centric”

  1. Hmmm: the only place I’ve ever found in California that wasn’t kid-friendly, was a Spanish tapas restaurant/bar run by an immigrant from Gibraltar. I presume that ultra-expensive $200-a-head restaurants aren’t kid-friendly either, but I’ve never attempted to bring kids to any of them 🙂

  2. Jen, we notice the same thing here in Amsterdam. If it’s a sunny evening, then everyone is out having a drink on a patio, from kids to 90 somethings. It’s so much more inclusive socialality (made up word?). I also love here how daddys are seen taking kids out just as much as mommies…. So much more inclusive social lives in my view. +1 Europe

  3. I remember being gobsmacked in Provence that my two month old infant was welcome everywhere we went – even the Michelin-starred restaurant that had toddlers and kids at every table since we were there so early. (7pm)

    Our server offered to hold the baby while I ate. Everywhere we went in Paris, same thing. Kids are part of life, they come with you, and there’s no fuss about kid-friendly menus and accoutrements. And the kids were well-behaved, too. I guess when they’re used to being out in company, they behave like they’re used to it.

    I vastly prefer that to being relegated to the Chucky Cheese years in North America. We’re rebels, we take Imp with us everywhere. Early, so as not to overlap with dating couples; we’re not assholes. 🙂

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