Blogathon 38 – 0:30

And speaking of Barry, he sent this over (to ease the burden on my rapidly deteriorating mind) after staying up late (he’s 2 time-zones ahead) for no good reason at all!

Vive la difference!

As a certified “prairie boy” I have had ample opportunity to observe what I like to call “plainsbillies” – hillbillies without the benefit of hills. Tonight I write from the lobby of a hotel in Regina Saskatchewan, having journeyed from my home in Alberta. It was 33 degrees for most of the 8 hour trip, made in full protective armour and full-face helmet on my motorbike. I mention the details of my apparel to protect myself from a shin-kicking from my beloved Netchick. It’s also to give me an excuse of heat stroke for any of my witticisms that may cause legal action to be taken upon me.

Back to the plainsbillies. They are a friendly, outgoing bunch here. Very likable and quick to smile, especially when they are blowing past you at 140 km/hr in their jacked-up crew cab Ford truck, depleting the ozone layer behind them, beloved six pack of Pilsner twixt their legs. The thing about Saskatchewan these days is that they’re no longer the poorer sister to Alberta since they decided to exploit the massive natural resources trapped under their farmland and cattle pens. Now they’ve got money! And there are very few things more entertaining to me than a plainsbillie with money. You hear them dreaming of the possibilities of buying a “triple-wide” home, buying a brewery and getting that extra special set of truck rims for the wife for her birthday. Which, of course, she actually wants.

As I attended the Riders vs Eskimos football game here, my delicious intestine-encased tube of ground swine in hand I realized that these people deserve the trappings of wealth far more than many others I’ve met. No unused mansions, offshore accounts and ridiculous overindulgence that normally goes along with significant wealth in other parts of the world.

So I say good for you, Rider Priders. To quote an old joke – an aging farmer who won the lottery was asked what he planned to do with the 10 million dollars. “oh, probably just keep farmin’ til it’s all gone” he said.

Good for him.

Why the heck did Barry send over a guest post? Because I’m blogging for 24 hours straight to benefit the BC SPCA.

He thought you might be more compelled to donate if he gave you something truly entertaining to read (rather than my redbull fueled delusions). Please don’t make a liar of him! Donate!


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