One of the most fun things about getting into cooking has been learning more about the food that goes into recipes. I’m not particularly interested in the different ways and things that can come together to make yet another condensed-soup casserole, but I love getting right down to the ingredients: how do I know this or that foodstuff is going to be the right one in any given recipe, and how does the quality of it affect the end result.

Now pair this with a husband who grew up on an organic farm and wants to get back to eating food that’s good for the body, the farmer and the planet, then shake it all up with the fact that there is a huge trend throughout the culinary world these days toward “sane eating” and getting back to the origins of ingredients.

What do you end up with? Provenance.

This series seems like it was tailor-made for us. I’m so excited that we’re going, and I hope I’ll see you there:

Tuesday, April 21
Join Anthony Nicalo for the official book launch of Provenance: a blueprint for the modern eater. Guests will learn to assess the sources for food they eat and will learn practical tips for buying clean, healthy food.

Monday, April 27
Special guests include Mike McDermid, Program Manager of Ocean Wise, and Chef Robert Clark of [C] Restaurant discussing the importance of understanding seafood’s impacts on our oceans. Guests will enjoy sustainable seafood hors d’oeuvres prepared by Chef Robert Clark and fish-friendly wines.

Tuesday May 5
Jason Pleym, founder of Two Rivers Specialty Meats will shed light on what is really going on in grocers and butcher shops, while guests taste naturally raised meats.

Wednesday May 20
Mark Bomford, the Program Coordinator for the Centre of Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm will share tips for buying and growing sustainable produce.

Tuesday May 26
Farmstead Wines founder Anthony Nicalo lifts the veil on wine marketing and connects guests to authentic wine and artisan farmers.

Saturday June 6 at UBC Farm
This special fundraiser features international food expert and author of In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan. Pollan will share his manifesto for eating. Guests who participate in the full series will receive a gourmet picnic lunch at UBC Farm.

And by the by, this ain’t no “blogger promo” post – I’m genuinely excited by this, and we’re paying the full shot. Support what you’re passionate about. I think it’s worth it.

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