Cooking Resolutions

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  1. Do you consider it a challenge to hit your meat-free goal? That is to say, have you found that every single thing you cook at home has meat in it? I’d be lucky if I make a recipe WITH meat more than once a month…

  2. You know, I didn’t think it was, but when I really look at it, most of our meals still center around a meat-based entree. It may not be a huge steak every night, but it’s a chicken thigh here, fish fillet there, bacon everywhere kinda diet. Mostly reasonable portions (2-3 oz meat per serving), but meat nonetheless.

    And I suppose I should be more specific, I mean meat-free dinners. I rarely have meat with breakfast, and probably at only 2-3 lunches a week.

  3. I might be able to help with your soft boiled egg conundrum.

    bring about 3-4 inches of water (enough to completely cover the eggs and let them float) and a splash of white vinegar to just before a boil. Turn the burner down to a simmer. crack the eggs into the water and let them simmer about 3-4 minutes… I usually leave them in for 3 min and 15 or 20 seconds… but then I can tell when they’re close to done. Remove from the heat, give them a second while you grab a slotted spoon, and then scoop them out.

    Should be good to go. šŸ™‚

    We need to get together and cook stuff methinks. I’m thinking that we have stuff we can teach each other. Also, it’s the freakin’ new year. we should go for LUNCH together already, yes?

    Lemme know what works next week for ya.:D

  4. Thanks for the egg links and suggestions guys. One important distinction: I’m looking for a method for boiled-in-the-shell eggs. I’ve always called the out-of-shell method colleen describes “poaching” – which we do often.

    And they’re a pretty good substitute for a soft-boiled egg – but not nearly as satisfying for cracking off the top and dipping in toast fingers!

  5. Oh i know … nothing like dunking the soldiers in the eggs. šŸ™‚

    The Egg Gadget is perfect for what you want!

    Now i go home to have eggs. mmmmmmmmmmm

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