There goes the Neighbourhood

2 thoughts on “There goes the Neighbourhood”

  1. there are worse places than orlando to be stuck in!
    i just flew in and out of orlando and spent a week at the
    beach w/my family! south of daytona. great time! nice and relaxing.
    they are building up the beach and it was nice to see the white sand again.
    too bad your not in houston!

    i guess work won’t give you any free time, maybe to take a day off at disney?

    sorry your stuck in orlando!


  2. i know i typed a message here earlier? maybe i hit the wrong button to add it?

    i hope you were able to enjoy your time in orlando….there are worse places to be stuck at.
    maybe you got some pool time after work? or had some free time and
    the company let you do some touring or eating at disney or epcot?

    i’m sure you’re glad to be back home!

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