On the Prowl

6 thoughts on “On the Prowl”

  1. lay offs/loss of jobs are a way of life in the oil & gas industry here in houston. are there some headhunters in your field of interest that you could contact? i’d suggest that or word of mouth/networking.

    i’m sorry to hear “the writing’s on the wall” but i for one have been there – who hasn’t? and run the risk maybe this year of loosing my job when they sell the company!

    but think postitive! maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones that still manages to keep their job?

    good luck either way!

  2. i agree! although sudden, but probably a good, albeit forced, step up into the type of companies you want to work for anyway. i’m sure you’ll find work in no time.

  3. Sorry to hear! I know you’ll have no trouble in today’s climate in Vancouver finding another perfect position. I’ll keep my ears open!

  4. They’re hiring for the Olympics! Haven’t looked at the specific postings, but how fun would that be?!

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