End of the Ordeal

Extra Packing

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The wine fridge has finally arrived!

Friendly Kurt at Home Depot said that he left instructions for the fridge to have some “extra packing” so it didn’t arrive damaged again.

I think they went a little overboard.

The fridge, in addition to its normal packaging, was wrapped in bubble wrap, then put in a bigger box and surrounded in air pillows.

Nevertheless, the fridge arrived in pristine condition, has found itself a location in the corner of the dining area, and is currently doing its job as home to a case of Bordeaux and various and sundry other grapey libations.

I won’t go so far as to say it was “worth” the ordeal, but I am glad the fridge is finally here, and I’m far less worried about having many hundreds dollars worth of wine becoming corked before we get to drink them.

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