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  1. Chris: Because Christmas isn’t just for kids.

    It’s not just about consumerism and buying people presents. It’s about being with your family or those that you love. Getting fired can really put a damper on that.

    If I’m busy trying to celebrate the holiday season, I’d rather not have to panic about where my next paycheque is coming from. If you don’t celebrate, that’s fine — personally, I think you’re missing out, but whatever works for you. But just because I don’t have kids doesn’t mean that Christmas isn’t special to me, too.

    And if being a kid is the only reason anyone should enjoy Christmas, then I want to be a kid again. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been there…and no one seems to understand that its almost as tough on the people left behind as it is on the people who are being let go. I’ve been on both sides and frankly, I think I was a little bit more relieved when they just laid me off.

  3. I don’t celebrate Christmas, so if I got fired at Christmas I wouldn’t feel it was any more heartless or evil than if I got fired in March. I don’t plan to get my kids all hyped up on the holiday season – I’ll get them gifts, but not necessarily on the day dictated to me by the calendar.

    For those with no children, those who don’t celebrate Christmas, or those with children too old / young to “need” christmas gifts, I don’t see how getting fired at Christmas would be any worse than getting fired on any other day. It sucks, and mass layoffs even more so, but it’s hardly the most heartless thing in the world.

  4. Technically the capital company made the decision – but the capital company has peppered the board of directors and executive with their own people. Essentailly the capital company *is* running the (now independent) company I work for. Either way, it’s heartless and it sucks. Apparrently it’s that particular capital company’s style though.

  5. Well, it wasnt really the company’s decision… its just the way it seems. The decision was made outside of Canada by the capital firm which controls the company.

    It still sucks.

  6. Hey, send me your resume. (not to the email address listed here, of course). I don’t have any openings with my company right now, but by the time you need a job I might, and I have no idea whether you’d be a fit or not. It’s worth a try, eh?

  7. That’s horrible! You’re right, it completely kills morale, and really…right before Christmas?!?! How heartless can it be??

  8. Oooh, peechie, that sucks! I’m so sorry! πŸ™

    I am so with you right now, on the whole job sucking thing. It does bode well (imo) that your contract got renewed. I’m just sorry that a whole shitload of peeps had to get let go.

    I worked in HR at a large telecommunications company a few years ago, when they had a major downsizing. It sure wasn’t fun knowing in advance that my friends and colleagues were going to get canned. Oh yeah, and we’ve been there too, haven’t we? πŸ˜‰

    Anyways, hang in there! Love ya!

  9. ouch. :/

    American Greetings did the same thing last week. 300 jobs, including a friend of mine…

    It totally kills morale when you cut that many jobs. Hell, one person gets laid off, and it’s kind of depressing. But do it around Christmas, and you’re just fucking with peoples lives. I hate that.

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