Best PR Ever.

3 thoughts on “Best PR Ever.”

  1. Two things.

    First, it would annoy me if they lowered my daily limits. I’ve been working hard at getting good credit so that I could have a *higher* daily limit. It’s extremely rare that I need it, and I think I’ve only used it once (I can get $1500 cash/day) but sometimes it’s necessary. Don’t give me this fraud protection bullshit, it’s my job to keep my card safe, and their job to keep my account safe. I’m holding up my end of the bargain — if they fuck up, they’d better well pay for it.

    Second… what I’d like to know is why CIBC was faxing their account information ANYWHERE. What the hell? Don’t these people have computers?

  2. Well, BC now has a Personal Privacy Act where upon vendors cannot give your personal information out to third-parties without your approval.

    Also, I left Royal Bank years ago for VanCity and never looked back. Maybe you should consider giving them a shot?

  3. WOW. CIBC should be thanking its damn lucky stars that the junkyard dude didn’t try to make an illegal buck off of that — if I were them, I would suggest paying him out simply to release the information back to them.

    Simply ridiculous. This is why I deal with Scotiabank — they are the cream of the crop in this country, I have found (and this is after dealing with all of the other “big banks”.)

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