Moody Blues

I hate mood swings. In the past couple days I have gone from being absolutely elated – feeling on top of the world – to hating everything.

I can’t really pin it on anything other than the fact that I’m due for another blast of hormones in the next little while, but I still think this stinks. I’m also becoming incredibly clingy and whiney again lately, which not only irks me, but it pisses off those near and dear to me when I inflict my neediness upon them. Ugh.

This crazy mood has also awoken the shopping bug. Not the good bug that says “let’s have fun and go shopping and get those things you deserve,” but the one that says “lets fill a void with meaningless retail crap that you can’t really afford anyway.” Thankfully I squashed that bug before it inflicted too much damage on my wallet.

I don’t even know what else to say, I’m really just rambling because I’m procrastinating on the paper that’s due Monday. I think I’m gonna take this little ray of sunshine inside that I know is dying to get out, and treat her to a bubble bath. Perhaps that will improve the situation.

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3 thoughts on “Moody Blues

  1. devon

    ugh i recently did the same thing. we should form a support group for vancouver girls that shop when they get hormonal. 🙂

  2. col

    i feel the same, i went shopping the other day and blew money i really shouldn’t have. there’s something about shopping that’s really therapeutic

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