Winds of Change

With all the griping I did about our move, you would think I do not like change. This is not true. I like it a lot. Perhaps too much. I am rarely content to leave well enough alone. I just prefer when I’m the one initiating it, rather than having it imposed upon me. So … Continue reading Winds of Change

On the Move

Just last week we were talking about how gloriously happy we were in our current place. Great space, lovely neighbours, excellent location. So of course, we received a call today that the landlord wants to move back in, and won’t be renewing our tenancy when it expires on 31 July. Fuck. We have just shy … Continue reading On the Move


Moving house can often lead you to see your possessions in a new light. Especially when you have packed in a hurry, without making much effort to thin your piles of stuff before beginning. And are then distanced from that stuff for half a year. Because who the hell brings tea (from the new world, … Continue reading Tea-mendous