Hockey Tickets

I’ve got a pair of hockey tickets for sale, again. Vancouver Canucks vs. Columbus Blue Jackets Tuesday, January 30 – 7:30pm Section 321, row 13. $120 for the pair (regular $160 through ticketmaster). You can either paypal me and have them left at will call, or pick them up from me – cash only – … Continue reading Hockey Tickets


Best quote for a Monday: I’m trying to be excited that there’s a Canadian team in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Everyone seems to think that’s reason enough to cheer for the damned Oilers. But to me, it’s like cheering for SARS just because lots of people got it in Toronto. –meg @ blogcabin As for … Continue reading Greasy

The Curse

Canucks fans, I am sorry. I’m cursed. You see, every game I watch, the Canucks manage to pull it off and win – occasionally in spectacular fashion and against some very strong odds! And the games I don’t watch – they manage to even blow what should be sure things. It’s gotten completely out of … Continue reading The Curse

Good, Better, Best

What’s Good? Slipping on my much neglected Canucks Jersey, because HOCKEY’S BACK KIDS! What’s Better? Wandering through the streets of Vancouver with it on, sharing the home-team cameraderie with my fellow fans. Knowing glances, smiles, and even the occasional high-five from complete strangers – it does a body good! What’s Best? Talking to the strangers, … Continue reading Good, Better, Best