Thing I like: Merrell Boots

It’s November. Which means NaBloPoMo. Let’s see what happens when I force myself to blog every day for a month, shall we?  ———————————————————————————– Since going back to work full-time in April, I’ve also been a full-time bicycle commuter. And Oxford is fantastic for cycling. In fact, because of the way the roads and cycle paths connect … Continue reading Thing I like: Merrell Boots


Much of my free time the past few weeks has been taken up organizing Vancouver’s first Critical Manners ride. All reports say that for the amount of time in which it came together, and not much in the way of format examples we were trying to follow, it went quite well. And throughout, of course, … Continue reading Screamers

The Accidental Activist

After the VPD’s announcement requesting motorists avoid downtown tonight because of the Critical Mass ride, I was explaining to a friend who’s been out of the country for the past decade or so what exactly Critical Mass is. I am not a fan of Critical Mass as it currently stands, and while looking up the … Continue reading The Accidental Activist


After threatening to get bikes ever since we moved in together, Neil and I finally took the plunge and went out and got ourselves a pair of commuter cycles. We didn’t intend for them to match, but they do. I got this one (in black/grey) and he got this one (in green). We went a … Continue reading LET’S GO RIDE BIKES!