Dear World,

Please consider this a formal request to have a hair/makeup/photography team follow me around for always. If you can promise me this, I promise that I will never be as ubiquitous-for-no-good-reason as Paris Hilton, never be as annoying as Jessica Simpson, never dress like Mary Kate Olsen, and never marry my ugly underling a la … Continue reading Dear World,


I have a fashion dilemma at the moment, and am turning to the internets for advice. This is probably a mistake, since (from what I can figure) most people who comment here are guys. And I would feel confident putting money down on the fact that if the guys haven’t already tuned out after reading … Continue reading Dilemma

Kiss Kiss

This entry would be far better if I scanned some high school photos to accompany it. Instead you’ll have to just imagine, and hope I dig some out later. In my 1997/98 yearbook from Hope Secondary School, that from my graduating year, there is a single line entry from one of the guys in my … Continue reading Kiss Kiss


Thanks to an early birthday present from the lovely (and shiny!) Ellis, my car is suddenly lovely (and shiny!) again herself! While I slaved away at work for the day yesterday, J’Lo was pampered and primped at the Yaletown Auto Spa, getting a scrubdown inside and out. More pictures on flickr of course. I don’t … Continue reading Booty-licious!