I actually laughed out loud last night for the first time in a while when I was reading Dooce’s latest post. I took this video before we left, and that post reminded me it was lingering on my phone. Looks like Isaac has a kindred spirit in Marlo. Continue reading ‘Maters


Fun kid thing of late: At some point, Neil started reacting to Isaac’s more… impressive… diapers by exclaiming “Wow!” in the midst of changing him. I’m not sure when it really caught on, but now, Isaac exclaims “Wow!” every time his pants come off. Kid, I wish you a life where someone always says “Wow!” … Continue reading WOW!

Isaac O’Watkiss

I have a couple half-done posts in the hopper about our trip to Cuba last month, and how things are going now that I’m back at work full-time (spoiler: pretty good!). But I’m tired, and busy, and tired. And they have been difficult to finish. Then, as I was lamenting my lack of posting, I … Continue reading Isaac O’Watkiss


I can’t believe Isaac is a year old already. It’s hard to put into words what having him around means to us, how much he’s added to the joy and chaos and love and labour and excitement columns in our family ledger. Suffice it to say, he’s the coolest little dude I know, and I’m … Continue reading One!