Oh, Snap!

At this year’s Northern Voice conference, one of the more visible sponsors was TravelMasters, who were obviously using the conference as a launching pad into the world of DIY marketing. Marching in with gusto, and with cookies. Now, I will be the first to admit that (being in marketing) my tolerance for campaigns that miss … Continue reading Oh, Snap!

Moose in the News

Peter Tupper’s article on the information he gleaned from Northern Voice has just been posted in the Tyee. I find it a bit ironic that as a journalist, whose article includes a segment on “the blogger as citizen journalist,” he (awkwardly) jumps around the who, what, where, when and how of the conference and sessions … Continue reading Moose in the News

Northern Voice

I’m at the Vancouver Northern Voice Blogging Conference today. I forgot my camera. Good thing there will likely be a bajillion pictures on flickr before the end of the day. Some of them may be there already. (Update: as of posting time there are at least 24 pages of photos – find them here) If … Continue reading Northern Voice