Het up over the HST

Darren posted today about trying to understand the HST. Personally, I’m not really one to get all up in arms over new taxes, and like him, I’m really just trying to understand what’s going on. I am concerned, though, about the tax’s impact on the new housing market – it sounds like new homes that … Continue reading Het up over the HST

Proud to be a Canadian

I can’t say I’m particularly surprised at the presidential election outcome. The most dynamic candidate has always won, and both Gore and Kerry were huge snoozers in terms of inspiring passion in their parties. Nevertheless, I’m pleased the Democrats and Obama found each other, and that the American people chose them both. In fact, I … Continue reading Proud to be a Canadian


I happen to be fortunate enough to know some truly super people doing truly super things lately. SuperHero Drop Zone First up on the roster is Riann. In about six weeks she’ll be rappelling down a 20-story building downtown, complete with cape, boots and underwear on the outside! All in the name of raising money … Continue reading SuperHeroes!


This whole potable water shortage thing is seriously harshing my buzz. Of course, I mocked a former roommate when he went on and on about being “earthquake ready” in terms of water available. And I always figured Mark was a bit of a sucker when he moved somewhere that a hurricane kit is necessary (though … Continue reading H2-Ohhhh