Plugged in, Switched on

One of the biggest little differences I’ve noticed about living in the UK is the plugs and switches. Specifically the switches. Everything that could have a switch, does. Of course lights are obviously controlled by switches. But they’re far from the only ones. All the plugs must also be switched on before the power is … Continue reading Plugged in, Switched on

For Sale

Because one successful week back at work full-time is reason enough to shake things up yet again, we’ve decided to sell our condo. The volatility of the Vancouver real estate market has been bugging Neil and I for a while. And even though we still fit in our current place (just), and there are no … Continue reading For Sale


The reality of hanging out with an infant all day is that not much happens worth blogging about. But we have had some progress on a few things I mentioned recently, so for those who’re interested, here’s how life is shaking out these days: The Dog We had a session with a trainer who confirmed … Continue reading Up-to-the-Date

House Hunting Headdesk

Not that we’re planning on moving any time soon, but eventually Isaac will have a sibling, and we will outgrow our current apartment. And with the nutty state of real estate in Vancouver, thinking about this makes my head swim a little. Even though moving is far from imminent, I can’t not think about it … Continue reading House Hunting Headdesk

The Moving of the Things

Whoops. We’re not even into double-digit days here, and I’ve already missed a couple days of BloPo-ing for the NaMo. Apologies, but I was busy moving 85% of the things that I own to other places, and back again. It started innocently enough with the bathroom sink. In a battle of Porcelain Sink vs. Ikea … Continue reading The Moving of the Things