The movers have come and gone, and there is actually a minimum of wasteland left behind. CR is supposed to be coming back this evening to clean up some more (she’s got a load of stuff that needs to go outside for Big Brothers to take away). Other than that, I think it’s just a … Continue reading Aftermath

Magic 8 Ball

I don’t yet have a new roommate lined up – though a couple hopefuls are in the works. But the existing roomie is moving out ASAP (gee darn) and has movers scheduled to show up at 12:00 tomorrow. She almost started packing last night. And by almost, I mean she appears to have built about … Continue reading Magic 8 Ball


I always miss having a fireplace when the first fall weather rolls in. There’s something about the warmth and the crackling and the coziness of a fire and some hot tea and a good book that makes it seem like everything perfect is hunkered down there with me in my living room. Somehow I doubt … Continue reading Crackle

Turkey Lurkey

Making stuffing and roasting fowl is disgustingly easy. It takes a little planning and preparation (procure foodstuffs, thaw, stuff) but is really more observation and monitoring than actual work. The real bitch of it all is the cleanup. So if anyone has desire for roast bird and stuffing, come on over. I’ll make it no … Continue reading Turkey Lurkey