I am getting sick. This is very bad. So far, this is perhaps the worst week for me to fall down ill. I have an entire day full of very important meetings on Thursday, complete with people flying in from out of town to attend. I have a major event to send people to that … Continue reading *Sniff*


Week 3 is in the can. However, not without a serious episode of needing to get over my damn self already. Last night I posted about not wanting to run and a long list of accompanying excuses. I figured I’d vent the negativity onto the blog and just go home and run. And so many … Continue reading Success!


So this running thing, it is still going pretty well. I am only one run away from completing Week 3 of the Couch to 5K program. Of course, this is about where I stalled on Week 2, three times over. One run left to do, and can’t be arsed to bother. Something comes up (or … Continue reading Runaway

For Tanya

Netchick’s living vicariously, asking everyone what they got for Christmas. And I’m happy to oblige! Some new running gear: an iPod Nano, the Nike + iPod pedometer/workout tracker and some new kicks to put it in, since my current runners were looking mighty sad. And a year’s subscription to Cook’s Illustrated Magazine. These will either … Continue reading For Tanya