Things I am not doing: Laundry Dishes Putting away toys Reading Blogging My Hair Cooking real food Stopping the tiny human from pulling small pieces of furniture down on top of himself Things I am doing: Watching Firefly. I don’t know where I’ve been the past decade either. But I’m glad I’m here now. You … Continue reading Firefly

And a new one just begun

2012! Hello! Since four resolutions last year seemed ideal for resolution domination, I’m going to go with four again this year. 1. Resurrect I really enjoyed starting my “cook through a cookbook” project, and then all of the authors (myself included) went and had babies, and the thing died as our priorities shifted. But … Continue reading And a new one just begun


It’s been quite a year ’round these parts. Photo by freakgirl Not only does today mean I’m firmly “in my thirties,” but it’s also now just over a year since we’ve known Isaac has been a part of our lives. A year ago, we had a gigantic fete all planned, a large spit rented and … Continue reading Thirty-One

Not All Right

One of my favourite bloggers, Laurie, recently wrote about being first, rather than being right. Her post reminded me that I get so caught up in trying to say the right thing, or trying to say something the right way, that I often miss saying anything at all. (Yes, this is totally one of those … Continue reading Not All Right


Remember that resolution I published about taking more photos? So far it seems to be happening. I’m not hitting a picture a day as I’d originally planned, but the camera now lives out in the open, and I’m definitely taking more pictures of things this year so far than last. And they’re slowly making their … Continue reading Snappy

Twenty Eleven

2010 was quite a pivotal year for our little family. In fact, it splits quite neatly down the middle into BC and AD – Before Conception and After Deathwatch. The year started with our awesome trip to Thailand, a few frantic months when we thought we were going to move to England, trips to las … Continue reading Twenty Eleven