Java Jive

It’s of course the time of year when retailers are going mad pimping their wares, and the fine folks at TASSIMO are no exception. I’m no longer the prolific blogger I once was, but thanks to a give-two-get-one promo, I ended up with a TASSIMO of my very own, courtesy of the fine Miss Colleen … Continue reading Java Jive

Eating NOLA

When Jen mentioned she and Brandon were making a temporary move to Louisiana in the new year, I left a comment pledging my undying love for New Orleans, and implored her to visit if they’d be near the city. So of course, she asked for any recommendations of places to go and things to see. … Continue reading Eating NOLA

Project “Lamb of God”

Now that we’re not going anywhere, we’ve picked right back up on our micro-farming project. You may remember posts from last summer and this past spring on our construction efforts on building the pig shelter and fencing in the yard. Well, they’re finally being put to use! Except, we’ve gone from pigs to sheep! Between … Continue reading Project “Lamb of God”


Blog posts I started to write and (thankfully) didn’t publish today: • Why I think you might be an idiot • Here, let me beat you down with logic • I don’t care that humans are inherently illogical, I WILL DROWN YOU IN REASON ANYHOW What can I say, I have a wickedly sore shoulder … Continue reading Meat-head

Project Pigpen

As Neil and I get more and more into sourcing alternate avenues for food that distance us from the industrial agricultural machine, opportunities keep cropping up that we’d never have thought of. The latest: our very own hog! We’ve been looking around for some sources for purchasing an ethically-raised pig, but the local suppliers we’ve … Continue reading Project Pigpen