Money Money Money

While there haven’t been any other exciting or noteworthy developments on the wedding planning front (not that I could share much anyway, or I’ll give away the whole evening to guests who may read this), I did have my first encounter with the “Wedding Machine” the other day. Wedding Machine? It’s the phenomenon that dictates … Continue reading Money Money Money

Here Comes the Bride

I’m sure I’ll eat my words in another 9 or 10 months, but this wedding planning thing is dead easy. Boring even. We’ve currently got the following things booked and ready to go: Ceremony & Reception Venue: Long Beach Lodge Resort, Tofino BC Photographers: Blue Olive Photography Florist: Crabapple Floral As well as an officiant, … Continue reading Here Comes the Bride

Checking In

I keep meaning to write, but I really have nothing exciting or interesting to say. But I got sick of seeing the Fiber Bar entry, so here is a boring, uninteresting update. Read on if you dare… Because I have no kids, and don’t know too many people who do, I was completely oblivious to … Continue reading Checking In

Music Man

My biggest pet peeve about the wedding industry is that it’s just a gigantic mess of vendors all thrusting their wares at brides- and grooms-to-be using the ever-popular tactic of fear mongering. What do you mean you haven’t thought about chair covers? But it just won’t be the same if you don’t have live butterflies … Continue reading Music Man

Taking it Offline

In planning our wedding, Neil and I have had an ideal scenario in mind the entire time: personal and intimate. We purposely picked a small, destination venue that could only accommodate our closest family and friends, and have established some personal criteria for how to deal with making the guest list work. We also made … Continue reading Taking it Offline