Blogathon 42 – 2:30

Top 10 things I love about Tanya. Written at her sleep-deprived request. 10. She has excellent taste in friends 😉 9. She’s not afraid to be a girly-girl 8. She constantly strives for improvement 7. She doesn’t understand the concept of “can’t” 6. She doesn’t settle 5. She’ll put up with a nutter blogging into … Continue reading Blogathon 42 – 2:30

Blogathon 40 – 1:30

One of the best stand-up comedy bits I’ve ever heard is an Irish comedian “complaining” about his girlfriend. She snores. “Oh, but don’t I sound like a kitten, purring?” “Aww. Bless. No. You sound like a cat, drownin’ in oatmeal!” *cue sound effect of comedian making “cat drowning in oatmeal” noises* Tanya snores. Ever so … Continue reading Blogathon 40 – 1:30

Blogathon 38 – 0:30

And speaking of Barry, he sent this over (to ease the burden on my rapidly deteriorating mind) after staying up late (he’s 2 time-zones ahead) for no good reason at all! Vive la difference! As a certified “prairie boy” I have had ample opportunity to observe what I like to call “plainsbillies” – hillbillies without … Continue reading Blogathon 38 – 0:30