Faith, Hope and Charity

Apparently this guy REALLY doesn’t want to get some of our work emails. And yet can’t find the unsubscribe button: Subject: SPAM EMAILS REMOVE ME FROM YOUR FUCKING SPAM EMAILS! STOP SENDING ME THIS SHIT! [redacted], LUTCF [redacted] and Associates www.[redacted].com 317-[XXX-XXXX] 317-[XXX-XXXX] fax Faith, Hope and Charity. Yah, read that last line of his … Continue reading Faith, Hope and Charity

Out the Other Side

An update for those playing along at home. Reader’s Digest version: Things are much, much better. The dog’s infection has cleared up with antibiotics and some antiseptic soap treatments, so she’s much happier. She can be left without the cone and should be 100% once the course of drugs are finished. Neil got the results … Continue reading Out the Other Side

Het up over the HST

Darren posted today about trying to understand the HST. Personally, I’m not really one to get all up in arms over new taxes, and like him, I’m really just trying to understand what’s going on. I am concerned, though, about the tax’s impact on the new housing market – it sounds like new homes that … Continue reading Het up over the HST


One of the pet peeves I had while I was looking for cleanse info/reviews was finding people saying “oh hey I’m starting this cleanse” and that was the last thing they had to say about it. For future googlers, I’m halfway through this godforsaken Wild Rose D-Tox cleanse. Here’s how it’s going: I certainly experienced … Continue reading Half-Clean