2013: a little more conversation, a little more action.

I was going to go for a run today. Instead, I am watching the “fitness” app on my TV update. And will then proceed to do nothing about it once it has. I’m really just curious about the app, not interested in exercising right this moment.

That is very much 2012 speaking.

I took a glance at my resolutions at the beginning of 2012, and had to laugh about how irrelevant they are, considering where we ended the year. But, scanning through what little I’ve blogged in 2012, and reflecting on the year I’ve just had, I definitely have a resolution for 2013: Lean In.

I feel like I have been hanging back for a while. Carrying around a bunch of baggage. Nothing big on its own, but enough pieces that, combined, I’ve let slow me with their weight.

So in 2013 I’m resolving to lighten that load.

Moving abroad has made one thing crystal clear to me: I need to DO more. To lean in. To “Ship.”

I feel like I’ve had ideas about things like connecting with friends, making new friends, and finishing stagnant projects for a couple years. I’ve been telling myself that when things “settle down” I’ll have time for all these. Time to do them properly.

Therein lies the error of my ways. Things do not “settle down.” And in the meantime, I’m a continent and an ocean (in either direction) away from friends and family who don’t often hear from me, and I continue to unpack projects that I need to either do or dump. It would also probably do me well to get over myself and ask one of the casual acquaintances I’ve made over for tea.

It all sums up to dropping the baggage and quit waiting for everything to be just right before I send an old friend a note, or ask a new friend to tea, or take the next step in a project, or do something about getting up off my ass with that fitness app. To stop worrying about perfection, and do it anyhow.

So, here’s to 2013. Let’s do this thing.

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6 thoughts on “2013: a little more conversation, a little more action.

  1. Raul

    THIS. So. Much.

    I once heard Brene Brown (a researcher on vulnerability) give a TEDxHouston talk where she said (I think the talk is titled “The power of vulnerability”) that the motto of social work was “Lean into the discomfort of the work”. I think she means it as “if you do social work, you can’t shy away – you need to lean in”.

    You will achieve great things this 2013, my friend. I can assure you of that.
    Raul´s last blog post ..My 2013 Manifesto: Maintaining focus

  2. Jen Watkiss Post author

    Thanks guys. It feels funny to say I feel like I haven’t done much, considering the HUGE changes we’ve made in the last couple years. But I really feel like all the smaller things are suffering. Except the smaller things I’m neglecting pile up into bigger things. Which seems to be a lesson I learn over and over đŸ˜‰

  3. Chris Simmons

    +1. Amazon has a leadership principle, “Bias Towards Action”, which I’ve been trying to incorporate into my daily life.

  4. Laura

    Exactly! Every day I tell myself I can do “x” when the boys go to bed, and every night Im exhausted by 8pm and never get anything done besides housework. Ive been working on a painting for 4 months- Ive worked on it maybe three times. Pursuing hobbies, making new friends, keeping old ones, going out of the house in the evening, all things I need to stop waiting for time/energy to do and just do them!

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