For Sale

Because one successful week back at work full-time is reason enough to shake things up yet again, we’ve decided to sell our condo.

For Sale / For Snail

The volatility of the Vancouver real estate market has been bugging Neil and I for a while. And even though we still fit in our current place (just), and there are no babies on the horizon, we know we’re going to want more space eventually.

The Spring market is the time to sell in Vancouver, so we felt like listing now was a great time to get any gains out, rather than wait until we really have outgrown the space or find a perfect place, and are forced into a sale and into accepting less than we’d like.

It also gives us a stronger position when we do find a great place to buy, since we won’t be subject to financing as lending rules tighten and banks are more reluctant to give new mortgages to people who already have one.

But what about the meantime?

We’re *gasp* moving in with my parents.

In the suburbs. The deep suburbs.

This surprises nobody more than me, but it does make a whole lot of sense. We’ll save a bundle for a few months on mortgage payments and childcare. We won’t need to cram into a sub-standard rental (since with the tiny kid and big dog we have two huge strikes against us as far as landlords are concerned) while we look for a new place either to rent or buy to stay in longer-term.

My commute will be absolute balls, but Neil will be able to take the train downtown.

Overall we’re excited about this next step, and it feels like the right thing to do, but the past week has been nothing short of total insanity, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down much.

So, wanna buy a house? (listing goes up April 6th for the interested, curious and nosy.)

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