I can’t believe Isaac is a year old already. It’s hard to put into words what having him around means to us, how much he’s added to the joy and chaos and love and labour and excitement columns in our family ledger. Suffice it to say, he’s the coolest little dude I know, and I’m awfully glad this is just year one of oh, so many.

Happy Birthday Isaac! You’re super keen.

This... Did not end well. But the daredevil remains undeterred!
Merry Christmas
Pumpkin Patch
Beaching in Barça
Moments before rolling away
I think a day of walking past coffee shops has given him a contact high.
Bumbo! Tiny mind = blown
on the train
Nationals Game
Workin' on the Weekend
His mother's chin

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3 thoughts on “One!

  1. jen

    Happy birthday Isaac! Hope your party was rockin’! We’ll have to celebrate next time we see you!

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