Life List

One of the things I resolved to do in 2012 is to write down my Life List.

I have been fortunate enough to do some of the amazing things that are on other people’s lists, like visit the place my family is from, swim with dolphins, ride an elephant, visit some stunning world sights, eat incredible things in incredible places, and meet & marry the love of my life and become parents.

But the world is so incredible and amazing, there are still so many more things I’d like to do. I’ve tried to collect them here, but I expect the list will have more additions over time.

Neil and I have also had a very interesting experience with writing things down; somehow every time we make a list or commit our goals to paper they have an amazing way of working out faster and more spectacularly than we planned.

So I’m looking forward to seeing where the creation of this list leads…

Family Things
Complete our family (one kid down, one to go?)
Go camping as a family
Wake up before the sun and take the kid(s) fishing
Live abroad for a year
Take my parents on a vacation with us
Read the Harry Potter series with the kid(s)
Celebrate my 10th, 25th, 50th wedding anniversaries with Neil
Live on a small farm or rural property for some amount of time
Become millionaires
Help the kid(s) find a cause that’s important to them, and volunteer with them
Take a family trip to Disneyland
Teach the kid(s) to cook well enough they can make a meal for the family

Travel Things
Visit every continent (so far: Asia, Europe, North America, Africa)
Spend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Hike the West Coast Trail
See belugas in the wild in Hudson’s Bay
Visit every Canadian province & territory
See the Fall foliage in New England
Tour distilleries in the Scottish Highlands
Visit Italy (Rome, Vatican City, Venice, Tuscany, Florence, Cinque Terre)
Visit Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto)
Bicycle winery tour in Napa
Go on Safari in Africa
Sail Across the Equator (and get corresponding Anchor tattoo)
Roadtrip down the Pacific Coast from Vancouver to Baja
Visit the Great Wall of China
Visit a great party city, party until sunrise
Visit the Galapagos Islands
Visit Australia

Fun Things
Go somewhere for High Tea
Compose a song on the piano (which requires learning anything about composition)
Attend Camp Mighty
And a Mighty Summit
Participate in the Vancouver Sun Run (ideally running the whole way)
Eat a bug (cricket flour does not count)
Host a beachside clambake
Pay for a stranger’s meal in a restaurant
Make it to 100 blood donations (currently at 10)
Participate in a Cattle Drive

Learnin’ Things
Learn how to use my camera in manual mode
Learn enough of a second language to have a conversation with a native speaker
Learn how to sail
Learn how to code enough to create a simple app
Learn how to drive a standard transmission car

Making Things
Finish Isaac’s baby book
Make an advent calendar book collection
Cook every recipe in a cookbook
Grow a vegetable garden

Career Things
Earn a 6-figure salary
Give a major conference presentation
Become a VP of Marketing
Make a proper portfolio of my work
Mentor someone
Get a mentor (or two)
Do an MBA

What’s on your list?

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2 thoughts on “Life List

  1. Courtney

    I have several things on my list that are similar to yours. Some highlights include: show Andrew & Maren the Northern Lights, ride the wine train in Napa Valley, visit Fallingwater, see Robyn in concert in Stockholm, and make mozzarella.

    I also have attend Camp Mighty on mine. Maybe we can coordinate and go together one year? Then we’ll at least kind of, sort of know someone. 🙂
    Courtney´s last blog post ..Washi tape manicure

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