Barking Mad

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  1. I STRONGLY recommend Shelagh at Dizine Canine ( … she’s done wonders with helping me figure out what the hell to do with Justice and her stupid antics. Dana with Release the Hounds ( is also excellent, and I believe they do a class specifically tailored to helping dogs figure out what to do with a new baby in the house.

    Aggression is usually fear based, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Isaac is the reason. When my sister was born, our daschund Dolly got super protective of her. Never aggressive, but SUPER worried if anyone else was touching HER BABY. She’d whine and pace and drool until the stranger put the baby back.

    Dogs are weird…

    peechie Reply:

    Awesome, thanks. I’ve emailed Shelagh – hopefully we get this silliness all sorted out soon.

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