We have already covered the fact that I’m scared of crafts.

I suppose “scared” isn’t the right word – but I just don’t have the inclination (and therefore don’t make the time) to bother learning how to knit and crochet and sew. And never has it been more obvious that I am un-crafty when I’m exposed to all the adorable hats and booties and everything in-between that it feels every mother and grandmother the world over (except me) is making for their newest family members.

I’m not actually as bothered by my own lack of craftiness as I am by the fact that I feel my kid will somehow be missing out on a crucial component of childhood by not having anything lovingly handmade to adorn his person.

Thankfully I have some crafty friends who’ve already made sure the babe’s wee head will be covered with tiny knit hats. And I discovered I apparently have some skillz with the craftiness already baked into my genes.

A wonderful thing about handmade goods is they tend to be wonderful things to pass on. Which leads us to one of the loveliest moment of my baby shower this past weekend.

I’d had no idea my grandmothers had each had made lovely things for my parents to clothe and wrap me in to bring me home from the hospital. Nevermind the fact that my mom’s been holding on to these for the past 30 years. So imagine my surprise when on Sunday she passed them on to me!

My Nana (dad’s mom) made a beautiful baby blanket:

Blanket by Nana

Blanket by Nana

And my Oma (mom’s mom) made a sweater, cap, booties, mits and cape:

Outfit by Oma

Sweater & Hat by Oma

It’s almost enough to make me want to learn to knit or crochet myself… almost.

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One thought on “Made!

  1. joann tx


    your grans were two very talented ladies!
    both the wrap and the booties/blanket/cap are gorgeous!
    this from someone who knows how to knit (but not crochet)
    but could never make something as lovely as your grans did!

    all are beautiful!!!!!

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