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  1. I’m confused: Who’s to say that people aren’t pissed about that, too? Granted, my general boycott of dairy products is because it makes me sick more than the humane aspect, but I’m not precisely a fan of animal cruelty in any form.

    My biggest problem with the husky cull is the fact that NO effort was made to rehome the dogs. This is BC, it’s EASILY do-able. We have so many no-kill shelters & rescues — something that simply isn’t possible in most states. 100 dogs is an awful lot, but it’s do-able. HugABull rehabilitated and rehomed (with help from other rescues) 23 pitbulls from a cruelty seizure last summer. Of the 49 Vicktory dogs (from the Michael Vick seizure), 48 of them were successfully saved. And these were fighting dogs — well trained sled dogs would have been a cinch compared to that.

    This was a cruel, heartless waste, pure and simple. There were easy alternatives that wouldn’t have been any more fiscally problematic than slashing their throats. And they didn’t even try.

  2. Donna: I think the issue is that people who happily drink milk are suddenly up in arms about something that is, in effect, the same in terms of net suffering (less, actually, since this was sort of a rare occurrence – but people drink hundreds of litres of milk a year).

    There should have been an effort to find homes for the dogs, I agree, but it’s frustrating that people suddenly care when it’s a dog but not when it’s thousands of pigs and cows, every day, a cruelty they themselves are contributing to by their very purchasing habits, and something within their power to stop.
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  3. Great post. My initial reaction was fairly similar. The dog cull was awful, and it wasn’t done properly at all. BUT, these were sled dogs. I’ve had a lot of contact with sled dogs, and it’s very important to understand that these ARE NOT pets. They’re working dogs that have been raised with other dogs (not people). They are raised in ways that bring out all of the innate dog traits that we try to breed/train out of dogs. Most importantly, their natural hierarchical system is allowed/encouraged to establish, which means that they fight, aggressively, to be dominant. Indeed, a good sled team is one in which every dog knows its place within the hierarchy, so they run hard and competitively. I’m very comfortable around dogs, including (especially) big dogs. I know how to communicate with them and handle them. I am AFRAID of sled dogs. They do not know how to communicate with humans (with the exception of their handlers, but even then, there are very distinct boundaries). So, unless these animals were adopted out to other sled dog facilities, they wouldn’t have found homes. Actually, I think putting one of these dogs into a home would be cruel in its own way. So, I’m not saying that the dogs should have been culled in the inhumane manner that they were. Certainly there are ways of euthanizing dogs that are less cruel. But, it’s unlikely they would have/should have been adopted out. Also, yes, your comparisons with agriculture are very valid.

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