Brown Note

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  1. If only all their delivery guys were that nice. Most of my experience with them involves them “attempting” to deliver packages they don’t even bother to get off the truck. We’ve actually seen them doing it too, not just guessing here.

    peechie Reply:

    ugh. we’ve had a Canada Post delivery guy do the same thing at our office. he didn’t want to carry a tiny box (a wee router) up to the office (and said as much to our receptionist!), so it was sent to a local outlet for pickup. dorks.

  2. You may be the only person I know who’s ever had a genuinely good experience with a UPS delivery. While you may choose them next time, do so only domestically; if you ever ship across the border to or from the U.S., then please ensure that you AVOID using UPS for that purpose:
    Derek K. Miller´s last blog post ..Why the Millennium Falcon is the coolest

    peechie Reply:

    Aah yes – these were both domestic shipments. I’ve dealt with the pain of UPS for cross-border shipping before. In that case it’s FedEx all the way for me.

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