Goodbye Cable, Hello OTA+Netflix

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Cable, Hello OTA+Netflix”

  1. I was planning on trying out OTA too, I haven’t signed up for cable TV at my new place.

    Here’s a dumb question for you: did you put the antenna outside on the balcony?

  2. gillian: we did put the antenna outside. we’re running a cable from it, in the window and into the TV. Putting it up inside didn’t give us much in the way of reception (living in a concrete building also doesn’t help with that).

    I imagine if you have a window with a good Northern exposure, you might have better luck with the indoor antenna than we did. Also, when we got the antenna from London Drugs, the sales person said we could certainly take it home, try it out, and return it if it didn’t work out for us.

  3. Good work! The only thing keeping me from canceling cable and just going with iTunes/Netflix/something else combination is sports. I want to watch most of the Canucks games, and an occasional soccer game. Until I can get that in some form of on-demand way, I’m stuck with cable, unfortunately.
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