So this is Earth Day, and what have you done?

(another year over, and a new one just begun. A VERY MERRY EARTH DAAAAAAAAY…. ) ahem. anyhow.

Let’s see. This Earth Day I’ve:

-Driven to work
-Stopped at a coffee shop and purchased coffee in a paper cup & food in a paper wrapper (both of which went in the garbage)
-Drove 10 blocks to get lunch
-Got takeout lunch in non-recyclable, non-reusable plastic containers
-Set fire to a pile of tires
-Poured solvent down the drain
-Kicked a puppy

Okay, so maybe those last few are fibs, but the rest is accurate so far.

What can I say, the week went a little sideways on me, and Earth Day caught me a bit by surprise.

I tend to treat Earth Day mostly like Valentine’s day anyhow – we rarely actually celebrate on the 14th of February. We do enough things that show we love each other throughout the year that it’s not so important that we clean up our act for one random day out of the year.

The rest of the year I:

-Bike to work sometimes
-shop locally
-grow vegetables
-eat sustainably produced foods
-keep the heat turned down
-have dual-flush toilets at home
-turn off the tap while I brush my teeth

Just… not today. Except those last three – I TOTALLY conserved energy and water today! SCORE!

I’m sure you’re all far more together than I, and have done some lovely and extraordinary things for the planet today. Why don’t you share them in the comments?

And, on the off chance you’re a little behind on your planning and good intentions, as I am today, commiserate on the ways you’ve joined me in accidentally destroying the planet for future generations.

Perhaps if enough people comment, we’ll cancel each other out! Environmental offsets FTW!

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2 thoughts on “So this is Earth Day, and what have you done?

  1. Laura

    I didnt do anything specific on earth day but i think we did the best thing we could years ago – go car free 🙂

    Using a reusable coffee mug/water bottle is easy to do and cuts down a lot of waste too 🙂

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