Thai Travelogue Part 2: Chiang Mai Photos

We spent the first part of our trip in Chiang Mai, only because it seemed the easiest place to start in terms of available transport options. In hindsight, it was an excellent way to acclimate ourselves to the temperature and customs of Thailand in a slightly cooler and fairly low-pressure environment.

Highlights (because if I don’t reduce this to bullet-esque blips, I’ll never write it):

Chiang Mai Sausage

Chiang Mai Sausage! Regional Delicacy!

Fish Spa!

Dr. Fish Fish Spa! Tiny fish eat the dead skin off your feet! (Ticklish Neil’s verdict? “I would make a TERRIBLE hippo!” So true my love, so true.)

Meat & Squid on Sticks

Street Meat!

Kitchen Bitch

Cooking School! Two days, ten dishes, countless chillies, VERY full bellies. A foodie’s dream, we LOVED this part of the trip.

Tiny Ant Larvae

I ate an ant larvae. They have no flavour, but do go “pop” when they burst in your mouth!

Baby Elephant!


Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo Rafting. Unremarkable, except to note that shortly after this shot was taken, I had to duck quickly around a large tree branch (or land in the river) and the Canon G9 paid the price. I knocked something loose inside the lens mechanism, and now it doesn’t like to cooperate when retracting.

Next up, things we learned in Chiang Mai and a couple of stories.

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