Which Beach?

Neil and I are planning on spending about a week of our 20-day vacation soaking up the sun on a Thai beach. Obviously we can’t see and do everything with the time we’ve got, so we’d like to head for one major beach area and stick with it for ultimate relaxation, rather than trying to cover multiple coasts and islands.

Problem is, we can’t decide which of the 3 major beach areas to go to!

So, for all of you who’ve been to the fine Kingdom of Thailand, would like to go, or have heard stories from others who’ve gone, please vote in the poll below: which beach should we aim for?

Our ultimate goal is relaxation. We don’t need cable or internet, though running water and a private, en suite bathroom are mandatory. It would also be great if there were diving and/or snorkeling available, and some areas or trails for nature walks.

We don’t want to be in a tourist trap, but we do demand good food is around, preferably with a few different dining options. They can all be Thai of course; tasting different chef’s interpretations of the local food is what keeps things interesting.

So, let ‘er rip! Where would you go? And even if you don’t have any Thailand-specific advice, what do you look for in a vacation destination?

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5 thoughts on “Which Beach?

  1. josh

    A well traveled friend of mine is honeymooning in Ko Phi Phi right now and mentions it is quite crowded – details here http://www.outliketrout.com/blog.htm

    Other than that I have no idea as I haven’t been! we will be over in April and will be at railei beach and khao luang national park .. can’t wait!! 🙂
    .-= josh´s last blog ..LGB =-.

  2. Carlos

    Depends which side of Thailand is “rainy season” right now. can’t recall but check it out.

    My experience was Jun/July 8 yrs ago in Ko Samui (the honeymooner’s island; lots of resorts) & Koh Tao. LOVED koh tao, especially because of the great scuba diving. If you are not into that, you may have a tough time finding a place there as most places are tied to the dive shops.

    You may want to check out Ko Lanta in the far South West. Amazing beaches from what I’ve heard and not as busy as Ko Phi Phi to the north.

  3. Courtney

    Andrew went to Thailand three times while we were working overseas and he said that all three areas will be touristy. If you want something a little less crowded, he recommended heading north Chiang Mai. It’s inland but on a river and is supposed to be nice.
    .-= Courtney´s last blog ..The times, they are a-changin’ =-.

  4. peechie Post author

    Thanks for your advice everyone!

    It’s good to know that all places will be touristy, and that it may not be a big deal after all.

    Also, we do plan on spending about a week in Chiang Mai and a week or so in Bangkok.

    Hopefully we’ll meet some people in the north who will impart some more local advice, and if all else fails, we’ll just put all the beaches’ names in a hat, and pull one out!

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