Out the Other Side

An update for those playing along at home.

Reader’s Digest version: Things are much, much better.

The dog’s infection has cleared up with antibiotics and some antiseptic soap treatments, so she’s much happier. She can be left without the cone and should be 100% once the course of drugs are finished.

Neil got the results of his X-Rays back and, as I mentioned in the update to the last entry, he didn’t break any bones. His tooth did die, and the infection from the rotting-away root had gone into his face. It finally ruptured on Friday and the drainage of the pus relieved the pressure so he immediately felt better. A root canal and some antibiotics and he’s on the mend as well.

Happy Bonus: everything was solved in time for him to go to England without incident. He made it there in one piece and even managed to get in a few hours of his cheeky self (rather than the grumpy, surly self I was dealing with all week) before he left.

Not sure what’s going on with my sister-in-law, but she’s at her parents’ place, working on a new plan that doesn’t involve Korea.

And I managed to worry my parents enough with that last post (oops! sorry…) that they called and offered to come over and help get things in order around here. So today we dismantled Christmas, my mom went above and beyond in the cleaning department, and everything is mostly caught up and sorted out.

Clearly the lesson here is: when life hands you lemons, complain on your blog and things will eventually turn out okay.

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One thought on “Out the Other Side

  1. col

    Glad things are better! And I don’t think it’s complaining, more like letting people know what’s going on so that they can help you!

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