Watch Your Nog(gin) this Winter

7 thoughts on “Watch Your Nog(gin) this Winter”

  1. Hey Jen! I sent myself over to say hi today… fancy that 😉

    Sounds like a very interesting evening, that may even save someone’s life.

    What I find most bizarre is that most people I know that board will wear a helmet, but if they are skiing, they don’t. Weird.

    Anyhow, wish I could suggest a brand… I don’t have a lot of experience with them.
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  2. Was there any mention of wearing them for ice skating? It’s common for kids to wear them, but not adults. I would think we’re all at the same risk. I read this article yesterday about making helmets mandatory for all at a rink on PEI. I think making them mandatory is the only way to ensure safety. I’d feel silly being the only adult wearing one. Then again, I’d feel even more silly being the one with an easily preventable brain injury.
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  3. I remember that ski accident that killed Natasha. Poor Liam Neeson he was so devastated. I am always pretty careful when I am off skiing . Now I am planning to try snowboarding since I’ve never tried it before.

    Btw, Tanya sent me here!
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  4. I actually love wearing my ski helmet because it keeps my head warmer and dryer than a toque and I find I can hear better than when I wear a hood. It’s annoying though that it’s another piece of equipment to lug around and store (we have SOOO many helmets between all of the various types of biking helmets, rock climbing, skiing… we need a closet just for helmets!). I got mine at MEC. As usual, they had a decent selection for good prices.

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