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photo from geekgirly

My procrastination (like that of many of my brethren task-putter-offers) stems from a serious fear of failure.

If I don’t actually start this thing, I can’t fail at doing it, right? Flawless logic.

Except there’s this thing* that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. I made the mistake about six weeks ago of looking into it enough to see if it’s even a possibility (it is) and took the first tentative steps to see if I could make it happen. I probably could.

And that “probably” is killing me.

I have had exactly two tasks to do, to start along the road of trying not to fail. I have been putting them off for at least three weeks.

I need to get over the fear and stop procrastinating and buck up and put my nose to the grindstone and stop using terrible cliches and just do it (oops) already.

And here, internets, is where I ask for your gentle assistance.

Comment, and tell me to do it. Comment again on Monday to see if I did. Shame me into getting over myself and just getting to it. Because I am not having much luck convincing myself that without a little risk there is no opportunity for great reward.

Thank you.

*You may ask what the thing is, and I might tell you. Then again I might not. But I certainly won’t blog about it.

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10 thoughts on “Leaping

  1. ritchie

    When I’m faced with something like this, I usually rely on someone to force me into the position. I usually talk to them, explain that it has a fear component into it and have them actively put me into the situation that I HAVE to do it. It’s my own passive aggressive way to approach it hehe.
    .-= ritchie´s last blog ..Cheryl vs. Twilight 2: New Moon =-.

  2. Riann

    I will encourage upon being told what “it” is. I would hate to give a pep talk only to find out that you want to shave Sasha into a poodle cut and dye what’s left of her fur a boring taupe colour.
    .-= Riann´s last blog ..Grandma’s cross stitch =-.

  3. Kiki

    Things like this I like to think of as the same as getting a bikini wax: Once you lay the wax and the muslin on top, all that’s left to do is rip it all away and it’s done. Surely it’s better once it’s done?

  4. jen

    Not sure if you’re into New Years resolutions, but maybe setting this mystery task as a goal to accomplish in the new year might help? If you’ve already taken steps to make it happen, maybe this is a perfect opportunity to start 2010 (or finish 2009) on the right foot. Good luck! I’m curious to know what you’ve got in mind!

  5. airdrie

    If it is something you can do, and not hurt anyone or go into debt, then I’d say do it. If it’s a sex thing, then don’t tell us about it. If it’s a job/work/ hobby thing then you can tell us if you want. Fascinated.

  6. peechie Post author

    Oy, now it’s Tuesday! And no, I did not – but I still have a bit of time, and thanks to everyone’s gentle nudging, I should have it all set very soon!

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