Go Canucks Go!

Hello Blog Friends!

As I’m sure some of you know, I’ve got season’s tickets to the Vancouver Canucks. Going to 45 games a season is a bit daunting, so I share the tickets with family and friends. It’s an excellent way to see some games at a big discount from the one-off purchase price.

With the schedule this year, we’ve got a few games left that we can’t make it to that are still available:

Thurs. Dec. 10th vs. Atlanta sale pending!
Sat. Dec. 26 vs. Edmonton (makes an excellent Christmas Gift!) gone!

Tues. March 30 vs. Phoenix

Seats are in Section 122, row 15 – an excellent view up-ice in the Canucks defending end.

My cost for these are $220/pair (cost through Ticketmaster is about $280/pair) – but because the December games are coming up so soon, I’ll let those two go for $200!

Drop a comment or email me if you’re interested: jen at worldwidewatercooler dot com.

And Go Canucks Go!

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