Blogathon 8 – 9:30

The work of the SPCA most people are familiar with is the sheltering of companion animals – cats & dogs, birds, rodents, bunnies, etc.

Each year the SPCA finds new homes for more than 19,000 abandoned or surrendered animals. Almost all of the BC SPCA’s 36 branches post photos and stories about homeless animals online so that potential adopters can view animals at home before visiting their local shelter.

Of course we got our dog from the SPCA, and I know many friends who have rescued their cats and dogs from the SPCA and organizations like it. Many of the dogs and cats that end up in shelters come from the puppy and kitten mills that produce the cute animals you see in pet stores. Of course I encourage you to always check out your local shelters as a first (and hopefully only) option when looking for a new pet.

And if you’re not in the market for a companion animal right now, perhaps you feel like donating to the well-being of the hundreds of animals who are waiting for their forever homes


I’m blogging for 24 hours straight to support the BC SPCA

Pledge through the Blogathon Site
Directly through the SPCA Paws for a Cause donation portal.

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