Blogathon 30 – 20:30

A shoutout to the sponsors!

I wanted to take a moment to give props to everyone who has sponsored me in the blogathon so far:

Chris & Mel Simmons
Kimli Lulubelle Wangzilla
Alex Skov
Chrissy Giesbrecht
Glenn Gaetz
Laura Smart
Dixon Tam
Jennifer Closs
Tanya Davis
Darren Barefoot

Thanks to all of them, I’ve managed to raise a whopping $300 so far! So I’ve upped my goal to $400 – will you help me make it?

For my next fundraising feat, thanks to some prodding by my dear Dad, I’ll be shoving as many grapes into my mouth as I can, without choking or chewing (I did this once on a family camping trip when I was younger. This is what happens when kids are stuck places with no TV).

He’s going to donate $1 for every grape. I believe on the family trip I maxed out somewhere around 20 grapes.

Anyone care to match him?

Photos and final grape-count later tonight, once I find the fruits!

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