Blogathon 25 – 18:00 – HALFWAY!

Halfway through the Blogathon! Huzzah!

Having been a guest of Nestea all day, and consuming a vast amount of iced tea, I’m reminded of my favourite party punch recipe. I get compliments every time I make it, and nobody believes it’s really this easy:

Mix 1/2 cup of Nestea Lemon Ice Tea powder with
3 cups Cranberry Juice &
1 cup Orange Juice

Just before serving, add 2 cups sparkling water & garnish with slices of whatever citrus strikes your fancy.

Make a double batch, cuz this stuff goes quick!

I also find if you’re making many batches, you can either rinse your pitcher between top-ups, or go light on further rounds of the ice tea powder, otherwise it gets super sweet.

This is a really nice non-alcoholic punch, though if you feel like something with a little more kick, it’s excellent with bourbon!

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