Blogathon 17 – 14:00

So what’s up with this whole “Chill on the Hill” thing I’m at?

It’s sponsored by Nestea to bring a little bit extra awesome to mountains across Canada this summer.

The Whistler Itinerary is:

10 am : Chill on the Hill Whistler starts!
10am-4pm : Volleyball Courts Open
10am-4pm : SnowPark Open
10am-4pm : InteractiviTEA Tent Open
11am-11:30am : Meet & Greet with Olympic Snowboarders (Tent)
12pm-12:45pm : Protest the Hero play (Mainstage)
1:30pm-2:30pm : Tricks Competition (SnowPark)
3pm-4pm : The Stills play (Mainstage)
4pm : Chill on the Hill Whistler closes

So far we’ve checked out the volleyball courts and snowboard park, and tried a bunch of Nestea drinks and mocktails.

And then we found the open bar!

Thanks to the fine folks at Nestea for hosting us, and a few other bloggers, at this fantastic event – and if you missed it this year, I’m sure with the success of this year’s event (everyone’s having an amazing time here!) it’ll be back again next summer.

Of course, I’m a teensy bit sad (okay, it’s awesome here, so not really) that I’m missing out on the great local camaraderie going on at Workspace with the other Vancouver Bloggers doing the blogathon – there are lots of great causes to sponsor, so don’t worry if the SPCA isn’t your bag (though it really should be), check out the other participating bloggers.

And if the SPCA is your bag, don’t forget to donate!


I’m blogging for 24 hours straight to support the BC SPCA

Pledge through the Blogathon Site
Directly through the SPCA Paws for a Cause donation portal.

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